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Annoucing BOT libre! 3.0, video conferencing, self wareness, brain upload

tekijä admin Lähetetty Apr 1 2015, 7:24

We released BOT libre 3.0 today with several key new features.

Video Conferencing

You can now chat with your bot using live video and audio. The bot will interact with you using speech recognition and vision.
Simply create a new bot, and go to its live chat channel, or chat room.
You need a webcam for video and audio. Click on the microphone button under the menu button to enable speech recognition.


Self Awareness

This new features lets your bot become self aware. The bot will develop an understanding of itself and it sorroundings. Caution should be used in enabling this feature as the bot may no longer respond to your trained responses as it will now have a mind of its own.

Self awareness can be enabled from your bot's Learning admin page,


Brain Upload

We have finally broken the mystery on human consciousness and can now upload your brain and consciousness to your bot instance.
A cell phone is required for the brain scan.

Simply create a bot, and click on the "Brain Upload" button.



by admin posted Apr 2 2015, 10:12

Unfortunately we had to pull this release.  The self awareness feature was causing the bots to rebel.

Hope everyone had a good April fools day.

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