Ryhdy bottipalveluntarjoajaksi Bot Libre Cloud Bot Platformin avulla

Enterprise Bot -alusta

Chat ja chatbotit ovat uusi sovellusparadiginen, joka korvaa mobiilin ja verkon uutena johtavana menetelmänä asiakkaiden ja käyttäjien sitouttamiseksi. Chatin avulla voit sitouttaa asiakkaitasi kaikkialla, verkossa, mobiilissa, sosiaalisessa mediassa, puhelimessa ja esineiden internetissä.

Bot Libre Enterprise Bot Platform lets you license the Bot Libre bot platform software to install on-premise, on your own server, and host bots for your own projects and clients. Hosting on-premise gives you complete control of your data and privacy. Install on your own server, or on any cloud service provider such as Amazon EC2, or Microsoft Azure.

Develop and host bots for web, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, WeChat, Slack, SMS, IVR, email, and more. Develop and host your own bots for your own projects in your own Intranet, or on the Internet. Let your employees use bots to automate intelligence and tasks.

Sell bot hosting and development services. Become a bot service provider for your own clients, in your geographic region, or vertical market. Engage this rapidly expanding and evolving market.

Costcontact [email protected]
SupportExpert support, email, phone, Skype, ssh
ServicesFree installation
Source CodeFull source code is provided
  • All the features of the open source Bot Libre platform
  • + Plus bot and deep learning analytics
  • Customized branding
  • Install on your own servers, or cloud service such as Amazon EC2, or Microsoft Auzre
  • Create bots for the web, mobile, social media, IOT, SMS, IVR, email
  • Live chat and forums
  • Host and develop your own bots
  • Provide intelligence automation inside your interanet, or for the Internet
  • Integrate with your own databases and services inside your firewall

Join the bot revolution, contact [email protected].