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Clear Cache & Repeated Script Addition and Deletion

tekijä samueldibella Lähetetty Mar 24 2015, 17:36


First: What does the clear cache button actually do?

Second: I've been having some problems where I've been making small changes to the one AIML script I'm using for my bot, and frequently deleting and re-uploading the file. Occasionally, it seems like the bot is stuck with old versions of the file, even after a page refresh, or reloading the bot from my main page. Would a cache clear help with that / How long should I wait before expecting a new script to be integrated with the bot?

Thanks so much

by admin posted Mar 24 2015, 22:08
That is odd. Deleting and uploading a script should take affect immediately. It could be a concurrency issues with the bot being accessed while the script is being compiled. If you narrow down when it occurs, please send us the details.

The clear cache button should resolve the issue. It will clear to bot memory so it will reload from the database.

Everything in the bot's brain including its scripts are stored in its own database. As the bot is accessed its data gets loaded into a cache (like an object database). The Clear Cache button clears the cache, so it will reload everything from the database.

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by samueldibella posted Mar 30 2015, 14:57

Thank so much.

If it happens again, I'll try and narrow it down.

It basically occurred while I had one tab open with a chat for the bot, which I would refresh after each script upload, and then another tab with the script upload page.

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