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Chatterbox Challenge 2015 1st round result in

tekijä admin Lähetetty Mar 5 2015, 8:55

The Chatterbox Challenge is an annual chat bot contest to determine the most intelligent bot on the Internet. Bots most be entered to take part. The contest consists of several rounds, in each round the bots are asked a series of different types of questions and judged on their response. The winner receives a cash prize and virtual medal.

The 1st round result are here,


The first round winner was SkyNet AI,


The transcripts of the bots conversation's are here,


Brain Bot entered this year, and scored 14 points, not that great, but ok for a bot that admits when it does not know the answer, instead of rephrasing the question.

If you develop your own intelligent bot on BOT libre you are free to enter this challenge, or any others, and the reward is yours.

by orus posted Sep 14 2015, 0:42

Skynet AI is good. But I am really fascinated by pinkprogram1 she is pretty amazin an so is allison AI Bot. They seem really really human to me.

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by admin posted Sep 14 2015, 8:55
Hi Orus,
  Do you have a link to share for pinkprogram1? I did not see her in the CBC.

  FYI, Nicole by James Adams won the 2015, CBC, Skynet came in second. I could not find a valid weblink for Nicole, the CBC link is
http://www.virtualhumannicole.com/ but is dead.

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