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Website update: Thumbs up/down, stars, contextual responses

tekijä admin Lähetetty Feb 19 2015, 12:56

The website was update this week. The update included many minor enhancements and two new features, thumbs up/down voting, and improved contextual responses.

Thumbs Up/Down Voting and Stars

You can now vote on which bots and content you like and dislike. You can vote thumbs up, thumbs down, and give a 5 star rank to bots, avatars, scripts, live chat channels, chatrooms, forums, and forum posts and replies.

Contextual Responses

The AI engine has been enhanced to better account for contextual responses. Previously bots could learn new responses in context from conversation, importing logs, or AIML. You could also add a "previous" response to a response from your bot's Chat Logs admin page. A previous response would influence the bot to use this response if its previous response matched one of the response's previous responses. You could also add negative previous responses to not use a response.

The Chat Logs admin page now provides a new "Require Previous" checkbox when defining, or editing a response. This ensures that the response will never be used unless the one of the previous matches. This option is also supported from Response List imports and exports.

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