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tekijä aazxcqwe Lähetetty Jan 4 2015, 20:07

Hi Admin,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I have lots of ideas and questions, so depending on your time, please answer at will. I have been looking around at ways of extending aiml like PandoraBots and CallMom has with and tags. I am trying to build a public version of as strong of AI as can be had without a supercomputer (potentially using distributed computing). I experimented with Wit.ai because they claim they have a 'community' version which shares the knowledge base, but isn't available yet, nor do they have categories and relationships between their 'intents' and 'entities'. I recently found CYC and AimlPad to access DBPedia and maybe Freebase (soon to be shutdown or transferable to WikiData). Then I found BotLibre. I had seen it once before, but I think I thought it was only commercial. Thank goodness you offer pubic versions of the bots! I am really pleased with you site and your approach as much as I've gathered, and outside of a few nitpicky suggestions, your site is much the way I would have designed one, and I don't find those too often. That said I do have some questions that I hope you can clear up. It looks like you've really done well to take a new approach and design the foundation of the bot learning similar to human learning, something I think is the number one thing I am looking for - keep it simple, simple usually works and is more extensible. Essentially, I making an attempt at stronger AI from a user-friendly based approach, the reverse of many funded AI projects, but similar to the ALICE and from what it looks like some of your thinking as well. That's not to say BotLibre doesn't have some advanced features, so on to the questions, and nice to have found your site, thank you for transforming aiml into something more 'comprehensive'. I really like the ability to browse the knowledge-base dynamically through links.

Thanks for your description of the comprehension scheme. I browsed through the knowledge relationships starting with the first one '#classification'. I'm kind of curious how these items were structured when created, if it is similar to Freebase. I tested the possibility of creating instructions for tasks, a basic form of programming (and eventually self-programming, something I agree is really a big key to AI development). I tried to teach my test123 bot to 'say apple 3 times'. I started with 'say apple 1 time' and then two, hoping it would see the pattern. I tried two other versions of 'orange' and 'banana' and waited overnight for any background comprehension to happen (when is this scheduled by the way, and can I run it myself, possibly with one of the tasks?), but with no success. Do you have any suggestions for this type of learning? I realize it is more abstract than using the 'repeat' action or than adding two numbers, as it involves a dynamic number of repeated items. I think it's possible with recursion and , but I wanted to understand more about the pattern analysis before attempting to create a solution.

On that subject, how does the pattern analysis work. If the scripting is extensible enough, I would likely like to contribute to the type of development I've seen on the OpenPandora page. Is any of the current BotLibre project on GitHub? I see the Project-Libre page, but it looks like just the SDK. ..I just found the OpenPandora JavaDocs, so I'll look into the thing() function (I think you mentioned on your site somewhere) to see what I can figure out. I guess one main question is if the pattern analysis can be recognize and assimilate other patters, I suppose that is recursion. As long as it can process http URLs, I assume it will be extensible enough, though is there a way to run a local copy which allows tags? And does the JavaScript only work with a personally-built app? One last thought, it might be nice to be able to export scripts back into aiml, as it is a pretty common standard, but I realize a lot of functionality would get lost. Is there anyone else using the OpenPandora language, or is BotLibre the main contributor to it's development? By the way, I was pleased to see the commercial pricing seemed reasonable. I see there is a 'neuron' limit, is it incorrect to say each 'neuron' is a knowledge item? Would you ever consider a 'community' version like Wit.ai where it would have unlimited 'neurons' but it would be completely public (but forkable)? which of the featured bots, would be closest to this - Paphus? It might be nice to be able to list the bots by number of neurons and such. I found the FAQ page for 'exceeding memory', I'll assume 'neurons' are knowledge 'items' - you may want to group that topic's thread's together, they seem to cluter your other entries a bit.

I assume the 'Program page' from this "How to define formula responses?" FAQ means the 'Training page'? Is there a way to enter in context or information directly into the dialog as there is to enter a formula such as: Formula:"The current hour is {get #hour from (call #time on #Watch)}"?

Also, the Android app I'm using fails on resume of activity. It no longer shows any bots in the browse of "My Bots" and I have to reload the app and drill back down to my bot. It would be nice if I there was an app for a single bot (which I may try building with the SDK - is there an pre-made example app I could start with?) or a way to select a default bot and to load it at start up. On that topic getting to the bot could be a little more direct say by a link or dropdown to 'My Bots' next to the username, or showing their linked images on the user profile page instead of the tiny number of bots to click on.


PS, I was replying to this thread. If you want to move it from the "Create bots with a real brain" page to the forum under a different post perhaps "RE: RE: Create bots with a real brain" you can. It may be more confusing to a reader where it is now.

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