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Why the Metaverse needs AI, and AI needs the Metaverse

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So I guess at Bot Libre we have always been developing artificial intelligence for the Metaverse, we just did not have a name for it. The Bot Libre AI engine has always been designed to have a mind with multiple senses, its just that with plain chat user interfaces those sense had little to do. The Metaverse provides a rich multi-sensory environment, and we are extremely excited to evolve the Bot Libre AI engine and platform to live in the Metaverse.

We are developing new 3D and VR apps and SDKs to integrate the Bot Libre platform with the evolving Metaverse. We are integrating Bot Libre's NLP, vision, and spatial artificial intelligence algorithms to the Metaverse environment.

What is the MetaVerse

The MetaVerse is a term used to describe a new vision for the Internet as a decentralized 3D space. The MetaVerse includes various technologies including:

  • 3D - 3D worlds and spaces
  • VR - Virtual Reality
  • AR - Augmented Reality
  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • Web3 - Crypto currencies, NTFs, Block Chain

Why the MetaVerse needs AI

The Metaverse needs chatbots and AI to enable immersive interactions with users.

  • VR / AR user interfaces are based on speech, chat, and 3D interaction, blending well to chatbots
  • MetaVerse is 24/7, businesses, events, online schools, and games that engage users in this space require chatbots and automated interactions
  • The Metaverse is multi sensory, AI bots need to integrate NLP, vision, audio, spatial awareness, and navigation

Why AI needs the MetaVerse

In order to evolve AI needs an immersive multi-sensory environment that is the MetaVerse. Existing AI models are single purpose, single sensory. True intelligence requires multi sensory learning and a rich environment to interact with other intelligence entities.

The Bot Libre OMNI deep learning model

The human brain is not a single neural network, but a kludge of multiple networks all interacting with each other at multiple levels. The concept of the Bot Libre OMNI model is that if you feed the output nodes and deep links from multiple deep learning models actively processing continuous input from multiple senses into OMNI meta models you can archive a higher level of intelligence than possible from a single model.

Join Us

We are looking for businesses, organizations, and developers that are interested in being early adopters of the Metaverse technologies, and working with us to drive our open source metaverse AI solution.

We will be starting our Bot Libre Metaverse beta program soon, please contact [email protected] if you are interested in applying to be part of the program.

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