Tiesitkö, että Bot Libre tarjoaa myös ilmaisen isännöityjen live-chatin omalle verkkosivustollesi tai mobiilisovelluksesi?
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User does not have an active workspace or your workspace has expired

tekijä leeyp98 Lähetetty Aug 24 2020, 11:35

Hello, I am trying to deploy BotLibre to my own server.

I manage to make run on my own server, and the bot runs on the platform. But, I cannot embed to the other website, I will get this problem:

User does not have an active workspace or your workspace has expired  - username

Can I ask how to fix? Need to verify email? How to do verify email?

I am using docker build of BotLibre on my own server.


by admin posted Aug 25 2020, 7:43
Try using the application id of the admin user, or add that user to the main workspace admins or users.

By default the docker build is in COMMERCIAL mode. You can change the mode from the website Admin Console.
There are 3 modes:
  • COMMERCIAL - only admin users and user they grant access have access (COMMERCIAL = true)
  • CLOUD - any user can sign up and create their own free trial workspace, need an active monthly subscription (COMMERCIAL = true, CLOUD = true)
  • OPEN - any user can create bots in the main workspace (COMMERCIAL = false)

If you purchase our Enterprise platform we can setup and configure your server for you.


Updated: Aug 25 2020, 7:44
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