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tekijä admin Lähetetty Jun 24 2020, 12:08

For a link to your bot enter a "Subdomain" in your bot's Edit Details from its main page.
This will give you your own URL to chat with your bot.

To customize the interface click on your bot's Embed button. Any changes your make will be reflected in the subdomain.

I configured your bot "MR. Raftaar" with a subdomain and unclicked the avatar and speech.
The bot must be public to be given a subdomain.

by lucky2b posted Jun 24 2020, 12:10
How can I add a subdomain for free?

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by admin posted Jun 24 2020, 15:13
You can set a subdomain on any bot or content for free.

Just go to the bot's page,
- click on "Edit Details",
- enter the subdomain under "Subdomain" i.e. mrraftaar,
- click save.

Click on the subdomain link to go to your bot's page.

For example, Brain Bot has the subdomain brainbot

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