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Help : using the wildcard element (AIML)

RE: using the wildcard element (AIML)

tekijä ritzpreet Lähetetty Jul 30 2018, 20:28

Hi! I imported all my files as AIML scripts.

Expected conversation:

Bot: What is your name?

User: Lisa

Bot: Owh, nice to meet you, Lisa. I should already know your name but my system is still getting used to your brain and the way things are stored here... Do you know who I am?

How conversation happens now:

Bot: What is your name?

User: Lisa

Bot: Lisa


However, if I say "My name is Lisa" or "It's Lisa" then I get the expected conversation/response. The bot only repeats my name when I say only my name and no other words. Not sure how to make it so that I can get the expected conversation (assuming different people will enter different names, hence the use of a wildcard). Thanks in advance for your help! :)



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