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how to add normalization?

tekijä ritzpreet Lähetetty Jul 29 2018, 14:27

Hey there! How do I add normalization to my bot if it has an empty template? I'm uploading my own AIML files but I'm very new to creating bots in general and I don't know where to even start with normalization. Thanks in advance! :)

by admin posted Jul 30 2018, 10:14
What do you mean by normalization?

Note, Bot Libre is a hybrid system that supports response lists, AIML, and Self scripts.

For AIML the "srai" tag is normally used to reduce phrases.

In Bot Libre response lists, normalization is not normally required, as the bot will find the best matching response.
Bot Libre also supports synonyms to allow the bot to consider a larger set of words.

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