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Bot Libre Forum : how would i change fronm is to are

RE: how would i change fronm is to are

tekijä admin Lähetetty Jul 16 2018, 16:21

You cannot do that in AIML, but you could in a Self tag.
Something like:

<pattern>i like *</pattern>
<template>what <self>if (star.endsWith("s")) { "are"; } else { "is"; }</self> <star/>.

If your bot has Wiktionary enabled, you could also do more advanced things checking the word's #cardinality.

Note that "I like apple" is not valid grammar. "I like apples" would be correct.
For a singular you would use "I like the apple", in which case you can check for "the" in a pattern.
Trying to parse English or natural language in general is very advanced, there is an example in the Understanding Self script.
But you would need to understand programming for this.

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