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Botlibre Desktop features

tekijä VogonCaptain Lähetetty Dec 27 2017, 0:50

I love the idea of botlibre desktop, but I don't like that it's constrained to a GUI.  Is there any way to send questions/statements and get replies via a command line or other remote text connection?   Also, is there a plan for the desktop version to have the admin capabilities of the website version (import scripts, view/edit conversations and keywords, etc.)?  This would make me so happy.

by admin posted Dec 27 2017, 18:10
That is a good idea to support a command line interface. Please enter a feature request for this in our Issue Tracker,


Yes, the eventual goal is for the Desktop version to support similar functionality to the web and mobile versions.
If you require a specific feature we can better prioritize this if you upgrade to Platinum, Diamond, or Bot Libre for Business.
We can also develop you any feature through our Bot Libre development services, contact [email protected].

If you are a developer, you can also contribute to our open source project on GitHub,


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