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keywords not showing correctly in all respones

tekijä bobred Lähetetty Jun 9 2017, 10:35

My chatbot wont let me input the keywords the right for example when i put,is a female for keyword.Then when i look at it in all responses it looks like this,"female is a."And it does not answer the question correctly.It says," what does he like."  

by admin posted Jun 9 2017, 14:31
A keyword should be a "keyword" from the question. This is an important and fairly unique word related to the question. The order you specify keywords is not relevant.

"is" and "a" should never be set as keywords, as they are common words, not words key or relevant to a question. "female" would make sense as a keyword.


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by bobred posted Jun 9 2017, 18:39

That would not work if the person said all of sudden,"my monkey is a female".

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