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Daily maximum API calls reached

tekijä AlexTFD Lähetetty Dec 27 2016, 12:23

Hi, i'm trying the api calls with my bot, i'm doing some testing, but in some point the api tells me that i reached the daily maximum API calls, the message is "Daily maximum API calls reached, please upgrade your account", i went to see how many API calls i did and in my bot's stats says "API Connects: today: 247", yesterday i had the same message when i reached the number 250, but when i go to upgrade my plan, i see that the Basic plan have up to 500 api calls, so i did the half of them. When my bot is finished i will probably upgrade my plan to gold, but i want to know if the plans specifications are right (at least the basic) or i have another problem with the API calls that i didn't realized.
Thank you!

by admin posted Dec 27 2016, 13:11
"API calls", and "API connects" are different.

API connects are how many conversations the bot had through the API. This include your application id, and other application ids.

API calls is the number of API calls for your application id. An API call could be a connect to a bot, or a message to a bot, i.e. each message is an API call (a conversation can have many messages).
To see your API calls, go to your user page and click on "Details".

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by AlexTFD posted Dec 28 2016, 3:58

Thank you for your response, i checked my profile and i saw that what you said is correct, there are 500 api calls so i reached the limit. The question came to me because i only talked to the bot 250 times through the api, but today I've been doing some tests and i saw that every time i call the api, the total number of api calls increases by two, not just one, It seems that when I've been talking to the bot, I didn't pass the conversation id to the api in the second and subsequent messages, so every time i write a new line, the bot creates a new conversation (now i'm passing the conversation id and the total api calls increment by one on every response).
So now i want to ask if this reasoning is correct: every time a new user starts a conversation there are two api calls (one to create the conversation and one to respond), then, when the conversation has started and there are a conversation id, the api calls increment by one in every response. Is that correct?

Updated: Dec 28 2016, 9:59
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by admin posted Dec 28 2016, 9:59
Yes, that is correct.
Starting a new conversation counts as a separate API call to the first message.

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by jyambz posted Jul 8 2018, 1:09

I have zero api call after a series of test. And told me to upgrade. What must i do?

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by admin posted Jul 8 2018, 19:05
Your API limit resets each day. A Basic account is allowed 500 API calls per day.

You can either wait a day, or upgrade your account to obtain a higher API limit.


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