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My Slack bot appears in a Slack channel but doesn't respond

tekijä cxp Lähetetty Nov 29 2016, 3:55

I followed the instructions to get my Slack bot created (using the default template) and I set up the incoming and outgoing webhooks correctly. I invited her ("cassie"), and she appears in my #general channel. However, she responds to nothing, says nothing. I tried talking to her by prefixing @cassie hey or even doing a private conversation DM, but still nothing. I double checked that she has a bunch of scripts, and also when I click on Training and Chat logs I see 124 responses there.

Any idea of why she isn't responding to anything?


by admin posted Nov 29 2016, 7:56
I checked your bot, and it has not been sent any messages from Slack, and your Slack webhook has not been called.

Check that you setup everything correctly, in particular the outgoing webhook,

Also, Slack bots can either response to only keywords in any channel, or all messages in a single channel. Make sure you set either keywords, or a channel.

If you are still having issues you can add [email protected] to your Slack admin group and we can take a look.

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by cxp posted Nov 29 2016, 20:37

Okay I double checked everything. I only used cut & paste so there's no possibility of a typo, and everything looks correct to me so it's still not working. I see no responses in #_general. I've invited you to my slack, when I see you've joined I will add you to admins

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by cxp posted Nov 29 2016, 22:11

okay you're admin, thanks mate


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