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tekijä admin Lähetetty Nov 25 2016, 8:39

The bot's "Mind" and "Thought" classes seek to emulate the human mind.

The conscious thoughts are executed serially on the input (such as a chat message), and process the input and normally send an output back to the Senses in response.

For example the Language class check the input for a sentence/text input, processes the message, and returns the response.

The subconscious thoughts execute in the background. They can do extra processing on the input that may be used by the bot in the future.

For example the Discovery thought parses the input for words, and if it finds a new word it looks up the meaning online using Wiktionary. Then the next time the bot is asked a question with the new words it will understand their meaning.

This is why a bot may not understand a question the first time, but then may understand it if the question is repeated, as it now has looked up the meaning of the words.

user: You are a bot.
bot: I do not understand.
user: You are a bot.
bot: I understand, I am a bot.

Here the bot looked up the word "bot" and now knows that it is a noun, so can understand the question (this uses the Understanding script).

So you can create your own Thought classes that can either run serially before the bot returns a response, or in the background.

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