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Bot Libre Dev : Logging capabilites in Bot libre AI engine

RE: Logging capabilites in Bot libre AI engine

tekijä eavinashBot1983 Lähetetty Nov 10 2016, 10:15

Really appreciate quick turnaround to the questions raised in this forum.

I am using below query for getting converstations that have response 

select * from relationship where type_id=90 and target_id=9240;

target_id-  id from vertex table for Primitive response

type_id - id from vertex table for Primitive conversation.

Executing above query I am getting empty records.Is my query not correctly formed or missing something.Can you please help me rectify them.

Can you elaborate in detail how the state machine working differs with pattern matching when imported as chatlog with an example please ?

What if there is a pattern say 'get my Products' in the aiml which is uploaded using loadAsAIML() and same pattern which I have uploaded as loadAsChatlog, both having different answers. What will the bot reply and how does it evaluates user input.

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