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Need help on creating multiple bot responses one by one for a single user input using aiml

tekijä kallol Lähetetty Sep 23 2016, 9:00

I am trying botlibre for creating a chatbot using aiml script. Now I want to get multiple responses one by one from the bot for a single user input. Can you please tell me what should be the aiml script for this? I tried with multiple template tags for a given pattern tag but that does not work.
Example is given below(I am calling my bot as Avatar) :- 
AvatarSure. Wait a sec and I'll do that for you.
AvatarOk done. Your mobile bill has been paid. As you have subscribed, you should get an SMS alert as well.

by admin posted Sep 23 2016, 13:11

To have an AIML template have multiple lines you can use HTML.

For example,
<category> <pattern>hello</patten> <template> Hello! <br/> How can I help? </template>

To send two separate responses, this is not directly possible. You can do this in your client, such as using our JavaScript SDK. You can use a timer in JavaScript to send a followup input a few seconds after the first input, and get a second response from the bot.

Updated: Sep 23 2016, 13:13
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