Tiesitkö, että Bot Libre tarjoaa myös ilmaisen isännöityjen numeroiden seurannan omalle verkkosivustollesi tai mobiilisovellukseen?
Bot Libre Dev : What is our control in SDK?

RE: What is our control in SDK?

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Having a bot response wait for a human does not work, as users expect bot responses to be instant, and a human would take way too long to respond.

What you want to do is give a default reply like "I have sent this question to our technical staff, and they will respond to you shortly.".

You can then have the bot send an email, or SMS message to your support staff. Normally it would be best to ask the user if they want to escalate the issue first, otherwise it could send a lot of messages.

Here is a Self script that escalates and issue through email,

Here is a Self script that escalates and issue through SMS,

Our live chat integration also lets operators monitor all bot conversations in realtime and take over from a bot at any time.

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