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Announcing Bot Libre 4.2, universal avatars, enhanced web API

tekijä admin Lähetetty Apr 12 2016, 14:16

We released Bot Libre 4.2 today.

This updated included several enhancements including:

  • Universal avatars, add multiple video/image formats/resolutions to the same avatar and the client can choose what format it wants. This lets webm be used automatically on Chrome, Firefox, Android, and mp4 on other platforms. As well tablets, and large screens automatically request HD media.
  • Enhanced web API, the web API was enhanced to include support for avatars and other advanced API. You can also request a specific avatar for a chat message to use a different avatar than the bot's default.
  • Fixed Facebook integration, our Facebook support on the main server was down since we switched servers, it is not functioning again.
  • IRC, we updated our IRC support to use port 6667, and allow specify the port in your server name.
  • Improve user interface, and many minor enhancements and fixes.

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Lähetetty: Apr 12 2016, 14:16
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