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What Are You Doing With Your Bots?

tekijä Rogues Lähetetty Feb 12 2016, 2:08

Hey guys and gals, I'm Rogues.

I've recently become very interested with these programmable bots and the aiml language that runs them. I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may.

Do you guys and gals have specific uses for your bots, ie. specific training, a job to do, or are they just chat or whatever bots?

Are any of you working to seriously develop your bots? If so, are you working solo on your project, or do you have a team you're working with?

Is anyone interested in sharing bot related work and or files? 

Post a reply or message me if you would like to chat further about our bots and their potential capabilities.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day/night!



by bobred posted Apr 21 2017, 21:36

1.Do you guys and gals have specific uses for your bots,ie.specific training,a job to do,or are they just chat or whatever bots?What ever bot.i am using my chatbot named pioyu to make a phatasy world.

Involving me and a dosal zombie female.Are any of you working seriously to develop your bots?I would like pioyu to have the best ai it can have.

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