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Now Upgrade with Bitcoin

tekijä admin Lähetetty Apr 23 2015, 13:32

We have added support for Bitcoin payment.

Now when you upgrade your account you have the option of paying through PayPal or Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a web currency that allows for fast transactions with no to low transaction fees. There are many Bitcoin wallet and account provides, we are using Coinbase.

For more information on Bitcoin see,

BOT libre is a free service, but provides several upgrade options.  You can upgrade your account to Bronze, Gold, or Platinum.  Upgrading gives your bot a larger brain, a shorter tweet cycle, and more API calls.

Our Platinum service lets us build your bot for you, or help you in training your bot, or integrating it or live chat with your website or mobile app.  Our current Platinum promotion includes a custom designed 3D avatar, Android app, and website including domain name and 1 year free hosting. Currently for only $49.99.

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