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How to know exact key words

tekijä sreekar Lähetetty Jun 27 2017, 10:46

Hi admin,

I have a question to you about the pattern matching,


for example a user has asked a question , suppose if the pattern is not matched in my AIML file and so i wont get any response ,


Is there any way so that i can find the key words from the asked question and re use the same keywords in my AIML file ,


Also if i want to clean up my data base instead of running test boot strap or re boot is there any other way to clean up particular AIML file and its data from DB through any queries , command ?


please help me getting answers to these questions if possible provide any use guide and notes related to this DB clean up and finding key words i a pattern 

by admin posted Jun 27 2017, 17:14
AIML can either bot loaded as a script, or as a response list.
When loaded as a response list the (non * patterns) will be automatically matched using our keyword heuristic.

You can also combine AIML files and response list files in the same bot.

You can reset a bot's database, or create a new one. You can also delete a specific script, or specific responses.

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