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tekijä admin Lähetetty Dec 5 2016, 14:33

> 1
Bot Libre provides several mechanisms for NLP.
- you can train a bot using "response list" files that include questions/responses, and tags for keywords, required, topics, previous, onrepeat, condition, think
-- the AI engine will use a heuristic to find the best matching responses for any question
-- use can also use patterns and templates
-- see, https://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=483549

- you can also use AIML or Self scripts
-- Self can use either patterns or state machines to process language (or anything really)
-- there are many examples Self scripts that can parse common language, or mathematical expressions
-- see, https://www.botlibre.com/script?category=Self

- bots can also learn language on their own
bots can learn from,
-- chat logs
-- chat rooms
-- Twitter feeds
-- wikidata

> 2
The symbol #self refer to the object that represents the bot, so a chat with a target of #self means it is a message to the bot. For chat rooms the target can be any user connected to the chat room, having a message target lets the bot know when someone is talking to it vs someone else.

> 3
You can classify any word you want as a #keyword, just set its #type to #keyword. A #keyquestion is a keyword that is part of a question that has a keyword response. This is how the heuristic finds matches. The bot's brain is a big graph/object database.

> 4
The word value heuristic is complicated you can view the code in the Language class. It scores keyword higher, and nouns and adjective higher than verbs, and articles as low.

> 5
A word may be involved in patterns that have a response. This is how the heuristic finds matching patterns.

> 6
state machines are created when you import/compile Self or AIML.
The understanding state is compiled from the Understanding.self script, and can understand common language.

> 7?
Please give a context to the code.

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