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tekijä eavinashBot1983 Lähetetty Dec 5 2016, 9:44

Thanks for the reply.

There are few things I want to understand from this framework

1.Does Botlibre possess NLP capabilities.Any example that i can go through from the test suite for understanding this ?

2.For chat sense and many others the target is Self. Any reason for this ? Also are there any other targets ?

3.Which words are classified as keywords and what are KEYQUESTION

4.What the basis for computing word value ?

5.What is pattern relationship for a word

6.what is state machine understanding and does it dependends on how we load that AIML because only when I load that file using  loadAIML method state is created.

5.What checkBetterMatch does ?

6. Can you explain this formula

double required = max * percentage * 0.8;

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